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Satellite Organizations

Among the communist satellite organisations, which had the task of acquainting its members with class and proletarian education, included from 1951 the Federation of workers exercise units (FDJT). In addition to exercise units, it brought together, among others, selected scout units (Scouts of Labour, Spartacus Scouts) and a number of sports organisations. It was also responsible for a network of shops which sold sporting goods called Sporttěl. Mass organisations included the Red Trade Unions and the Unemployed Movement, which focused on social assistance and solidarity, especially in the event of job loss, also providing financial support to striking workers and their families.
Antonín Zápotocký (1884-1957) was the general secretary of the Communist Party in the years 1922-1925 as well as being an important representative of the trade union movement. At the time of the Nazi occupation he was imprisoned in a concentration camp.
From 1948 to 1953 he held the position of prime minister and from 1953 to 1957 he was president. He participated in the construction of post February coup political processes. He became known for assuring the public just before the monetary reform in May 1953 that our currency is stable. He was criticized by Stalin for his literary activities – according to the Soviet leader, a politician was to either run the party and the state, or write novels.
Josef Haken (1880-1949), an unorthodox teacher, journalist, politician and senator, was the chairman of the Communist Party from 1924-1927. Then, as later he submitted to Soviet political interests.


Conference of factory committees in Prague in 1926 (National Museum)


Presidium of the Congress of the Industrial Association of Miners in Kladno in 1930 (National Museum)


Miners strike in Most in 1932. Camera held by Antonín Zápotocký (Antonín Zápotocký is pictured)


The head of the Mayday parade in Prague, 1st of May 1934 (National museum)


Klement Gottwald names Antonín Zápotocky as prime minister, 15th of June 1948 (Klement Gottwald 1896-1953)